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Connected Coaching

Improve your relationships and your life by asking for what you really want... and living from your deepest values.


Let Connected Coaching support you!

You can...

  • create more peace and joy within

  • move beyond old patterns

  • transform conflict into connection

  • learn ways to deepen relationships

  • connect with your inner guidance 

  • reach goals important to you 

  • live a more balanced life

Empower yourself to break through old limitations and live your most authentic life,

“Debbie is grounded and present. My needs for safety and being heard are met with her, and I have gone into areas that have surprised me. Her training in Nonviolent Communication is a powerful tool. Not only is she able to hold the space as I explore my options, she helps me to find newer, more compelling perspectives. I have been a life coach for over 20 years. Debbie is my second life coach, and the most helpful."

      ~ Win Harper, Omega Institute Life Coach                              now in private practice

 "Debbie is supportive and authentic, and asks all of the right questions. Wonderful ideas spontaneously blossom during our conversations, and then they come into being in joyful, inspiring ways. Her training in Compassionate Communication greatly enhances our sessions, as she reminds me to get to the heart of my feelings and needs. I highly recommend Debbie's coaching for anyone who is ready to take action now to change their life and manifest their deepest desires."

     ~ ZLP, Health Coach/Massage Therapist

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Holding the space as you open to possibilities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Connected Coaching?

Connected Coaching offers an impactful, safe, ongoing relationship to support you. Coaching empowers you in realizing your goals, with tools to move through barriers and create changes you want in your life and relationships.  Spiritual guidance offers support as you explore the deeper reasons you are here and your spiritual path.


What is a typical coaching session like?

We start by taking a breath together. You can expect deep listening, compelling questions, focused planning tools, and accountability. As your coach, I am here to support you thoroughly. 

Tell me more about your approach to spiritual guidance? How is it different than coaching?

I have an interfaith background and offer practices to explore connection with your higher Self and Higher Source/Love/Wisdom.  While coaching may address specific issues and goals, spiritual guidance supports you in moving towards more freedom, greater happiness and increased peace through a richer spiritual life.  

      "Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a divine letter.“  Rumi


Are your services like therapy?

Coaching and the guidance I offer is not therapy. They focus on supporting you in your personal and spiritual growth. Although many find it therapeutic, I do refer clients to other professionals for issues that are better suited to a therapeutic relationship.

What kind of packages do you offer? What are your fees?

You can start with a free discovery session (claim yours above). After that I ask you to make a 3 month commitment to your journey and Connected Coaching. Options include four 30 minute sessions ($160) or two 45 minutes sessions ($120) a month. Packages including additional email support between sessions are also available. Talk to me about what sounds enriching to you.

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