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Heart Talk for Kids Curriculum

Empower kids to create peace!


Teach children skills to understand emotions, connect with their values,  and respectfully ask for what they want. Lessons emphasize understanding (empathy) for yourself and others, conflict resolution, gratitude, and active peacemaking.

Based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication.


Movement, activities, games, art, stories, songs, and time in nature address different learning styles and make Heart Talk fun for children and teachers. 16 lessons on CD along with concept introductions, notes about what to expect, and helpful hints.

PreK-1st grade (ages 4-7)

2nd-4th grades (ages 7-10)

5th-6th grades (ages 10-12)

Complete Package    

 Underlying Curriculum Values


* Importance of each and every person

* Fairness and caring for all people  

* Acceptance of all people and the ability to grow and learn together

* Freedom to search for what is true and meaningful for each person 

* Importance of having a voice and a vote on issues that concern you 

* Working for a peaceful, fair and free world

* Caring for our Earth and all other life that shares 

our home


This adapted version of UU principals and purposes for children is written by curriculum authors Veronica Lassen and Debbie Berkana.

Recommended in:

Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief

                                         by Dale McGowan, et. al.

   "Our community has tried the 'Heart Talk' curriculum," says Jone Johnson-Lewis, leader of the Northern Virginia Ethical Society. "The teachers tell me it's one of the best they've worked with, for detailed instructions that help them feel confident about teaching. Parents are using words like 'transformed' about how it's impacted their families."


What customers are saying:

   "The need for such a curriculum is all too apparent.  Our children are often faced with complicated situations in their lives and at school, from friendship pains to outright bullying. Giving our children the tools to communicate on an empathetic level is a gift. Several teachers commented that this was the best session they had ever led!"

     - Ginger George

     Director of Religious Education, 

     Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse

   "We were amazed how quickly the children and youth incorporated this new vocabulary. We really enjoyed the literature that was used which led to meaningful discussions. The students really enjoyed the games too.

   This has been one of the most useful curriculae we've used. We were able to spread the learning to the congregation by offering free training for those adults who were teaching Heart Talk and by sharing what the children and youth were learning each week."

       - Marcia Christen

       Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

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